Anonymous: I was wondering if you could name a few books that have changed your life

Absolutely !
Power of now
Mastery of love
4 agreements (all Toltec wisdom books are amazing)
I love all books that are enlightening and non fictional
The power of meditation is really amazing too

im-a-flower-in-your-hair: Wow, you are such an inspiration!! Im so happy someone like you exists! Stay free & I love youuu! πŸ’›

Love you!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I just don’t understand but then I remember I don’t gotta understand everything some things are a mystery just let it go and let it be -
Anonymous: you seem so enlightened and awakened spiritually, how did you start your journey? i am on a path myself but i was wondering if you have any refereneces or anything like that to help like a book or somethin? thanks!

I love the power of now .. I just read it and it’s really .. Wel, powerful… My favourite book I’ve ever read also the mastery of love .. Toltec wisdom is spectacular .. Continue being your beautiful self shining light and love from within! Life is then so beautiful right!?

Anonymous: Have you ever done shrooms? Or anything else besides smoking weed? Or are you planning to in the future? I could imagine you being into psychedelics hehe :)

Ya I have done acid a couple times and I used to do mushrooms because my exboyfriend always had em to sell .. That was a few years ago don’t do nada really no more but smoke sometimes I love acid is really good :) last time was in Hawaii when I did em was magic

layers-of-life: Hey! So for wwoof how long before the time I want to go somewhere should I start emailing people? It would be really appreciated if you could answer this I'm looking at either going to Hawaii or New Zealand in January. I just found out about this and I'm excited!

I can’t remember did I answer this???? I would just email people now it took me awhile for get a response but once I did it was like only a day or two before I left ! Let me know if u make it to Hawaii I’ll be there soon! Xoxox

krummms: Please read this one last message.. I was in a drug induced phsycosis when I came to see you and thought the whole world could hear my every thought that's why I was so assured I could get you back :( boy was I wrong. The whole time I was with you I thought you could hear my thinking... Have been in rehab the last two and a half months and am not touching any substance ever again! sorry for being Sucha fuckin creepy weirdo finally learning to love myself. Hope god brings you everything u need

Ok!!!! Thanks ! Blessings bro

wildestwest: Snapchat??

Ashword πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I love snapchat add meeeeee

hellogoodvibesuniverse: Omg your blog is beautiful. Don't stop being a lovely soul. Always sending good vibes my friend ✌️

Lovinnnnn you!!!!! Stay rad my friend!

Anonymous: I reaaaaally love you!! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

I really love you more babes! BesosπŸ’‹

kushthecaliqueen420: Where does all your money come from? If your constantly traveling and spending.what do you do when you run out?

Work.. I haven’t run out tho cuz I will work before I run out ! Always have $ incase any accident cuz I have never gotten travellers insurance like most people

Anonymous: Tips for traveling alone/backpacking without a lot of money?

Get a hammock and sleep in that ! Don’t pay for places to sleep and travel light :) meet lots of locals everywhere you go and don’t trust nobody til you know them for a long time and still even then be cautious.. When traveling alone you will come across lots of crazies.. Just smile and give em pounds but that’s it.. Do no harm but take no shit! Love ya

today - I really realized that everyone is where they are meant to be, & the people who walk into your life always will serve a purpose whether it be tough n rough or a smooth groove. the universe has this perfect plan for me and I will follow everything my heart tells meπŸ™πŸ’– (via ashweeedz)

Notes to self

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