today was “spectacular :)

Everyday is spectacular,I am alive ..I am here ..With the waves and the wind and the sun shining high .. Wanna be like a tree The rivers flow and they knowDance where I am
Anonymous: Could you write how you found that traveling was gonna be your thing and how it all started it

For sure ! πŸ˜πŸ‘£

Anonymous: Divine light ? I don't understand

Ya it’s difficult to explain in words, I’ve just been realizing without smoking I feel a lot better lets just say that:)

Anonymous: when did u start smoking? and why do you wanna stop? if u dont mind me asking haha ive only been smoking 3 years and its just not the same any more, i feel u

I started smoking in grade 10 and I would like to stop because it puts a hole in my divine light..

Travels the only thing you can buy that will infact make you richer ..

And that is why all my money I make goes towards it… Almost a whole year now of being on the road / living out of my backpack … It feels so good to say that like a whole damn year.. Wow. Have met sooooo many people all different all unique all super cool in their own way…. And I’m so so grateful to have made this decision to throw myself out into the world solo and with trust that my heart is guiding me exactly where I need to be.. This whole journey has been one that will effect my entire life. In many different aspects and I will never regret doing this. What made me decide to even travel you might ask… Maybe curiosity? Possible boredom of the same influences the same thing every single day… I can not complain about how my life was when I lived with my parents because everything was so easy and they basically did everything but…. I am really grateful to have gone out to witness stuff I never would have even known about otherwise.. I don’t know if I will ever be able to stay in the same place again but at least now I know I wanna teach .. I wanna influence people to go out and face the unknown with a ginormous smile ear to ear trusting the universe and all that it has to offer… I am here now and there’s no where else i could or would rather be..

spiritandtea: I'm following you via Instagram 🌺 randomly found you while going through the wwoof tag on hereπŸ“ where are your travels taking you now baby?

No plans .. It’s really crazy🌱 I’m in Costa Rica, montezuma but I will probs take off shortly maybe to puerto viejo on the Caribbean side! Not sure tho just going with the waves and wind! πŸŒ›πŸŒœ

I think I did something bad„,
But at least now I know the truth is that bad or is that good… I did something bad to find something good -
I am alive because of the ocean and hot sunny days -
Colorful Bliss
freetheminddd: Love seeing your bright soul on the Tumblr feed, hope your Costa adventures are beautiful and memorable, keep living free ashweed 😊❀️✌️

Thanks love!!!!! Spread the light ! Be the light! And don’t forget .. Travel light xo

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