I mean how am I ever supposed to know where life’s going to take me next.. that I why I have to enjoy every moment like to the fullest extent because life is soo crazy and unpredictable, just going with the current sometimes won’t even work, so at that point what do ya do? ride da wave to shore? try and swim against da current? I have no idea but as long as I don’t drown I’ll b alright. - book of good thoughts~ reading my past journal entries.. crazy I wrote that without knowing what was about to come.. or did i?
  • it's 420!!!!!
  • I'm stoney but gunna shmoke 1nuddda bowl then do some yoga, last night was foreal amazing
  • I decided I wanted to go watch the sunset at the beach then impulsively scaled the mountain dancing up to the perfect spot lookin over west side, sun was so big and orange and magic!!!!!! I just danced and danced and danced !!!!!!!! thn comin down was harder plus the sun was almost down but I managed bare feet with out hurting myself!! still dancing : ) I love moments when I get me all to myself :) no phone no friends no nutttttin but me :) its so free.... I must have mentioned somewhere tho that my mom is my bestest friend. and always will be, we wear the same clothes and people always think we're sisters... anyway going to costa rica in less then a week for training to become a certified yoga teacher, gotta go book my ticket tho haven't yet haha #life
let’s play a fun game called we’re friends but I’ll suck your dick if you asked.. -
I won’t forget the taste of ur lips . and the way they felt pressed against mine. pure inter galactical essence pouring out of my soul embracing one other, so compelling a feeling like never before … - sleepy sorrows, midnights manifestations in mocean
when ur down the only was is up.. and when it’s cloudy … remember there is always sun behind those clouds n it will shine … -
I lost my phone … and I need to leave Hawaii soon anybody wanna meet somewhere ?? Jamaica? costa rica? Thailand ? I really want a travel buddy -
I want candy
on da road to zion
pray for sex
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