Colorful Bliss
freetheminddd: Love seeing your bright soul on the Tumblr feed, hope your Costa adventures are beautiful and memorable, keep living free ashweed 😊❤️✌️

Thanks love!!!!! Spread the light ! Be the light! And don’t forget .. Travel light xo

Anonymous: What's your daily meal plan like usually what's ur breakfast/lunch/etc

Fruit fruit and more fruit :)

l3m0naids: jeeeezus fuck you're beautiful, and you smoke, 😍

Gracias amigo

turbulence-and-order: Will you still be living this awesome traveling lifestyle in a year? I want to start wwoofing after I graduate and would love to meet up with you/travel with you at some point!


chelsoymilk: Where in da world is Ashley?!

Costa Rica baby! Mi casaaaaaa

chickopea: Where did you get your hammock?/where are some good places to find some :)

Any outdoor store that sells camping gear the brand is “eno” and I can surely say it’s extremely reliable as I have basically lived in it this last year and never once did it fail me! Can buy mosquito nets for it too and tarps

Anonymous: How old are u ?


Anonymous: Are u a vegetarian? Vegan?

Vegan yep try to eat raw mostly but the odd day I’ll cook up a rico veggie meal

Anonymous: You seem quite spiritual, do you practice a specific religion or anything?

I read books that are enlightening and I am consciously living in the present . Here and now ! That’s my religion. Love

Anonymous: How do you pay for all your travel

How did I know this would be the question anon… Hahaha I robbed a bank yuh bishhhh

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